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If it's good wings you are craving, look no further ... 

Wingnuts - Pub & Grub 
231 Del Prado, S #8, Cape Coral, Fl 

We happened across this whole in the wall establishment in search for the best wings and we are sure glad we did. You are greeted into the eclectic style pub by the sound of the Jukebox, art on the walls, and the friendly hello of the Bartender. Instantly you can tell this is the perfect hangout as the regulars walk in and talk to each other as though they are long time friends. The selection is off the charts with over 38 different style of wings with names ranging from Garlic Parmesan (Pictured below) to Shark Bite, Gold Digger and Hurricane Charley. There is even a wing sauce that you have to sign a waiver for due to its hotness. Aside for it's wings, Wingnuts also offers  burgers, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches (like the cuban or Quesadilla) and Fried Pickles. You can have your side of potatoes made however you like it, french fries, tator tots, waffle fries, and fresh cut potatoes. If you're looking for an establishment that is welcoming and delicious, be sure to check out this locally owned establishment. You'll be happy you did. 
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