Why do I need a real estate agent?


Most people that I meet aren't aware of what real estate agents actually do or how they get compensated. I am going to answer a few questions for you about how it all works.


Did you know there are 181 steps in a transaction? Technically you can buy a home on your own, however, it is highly encouraged to seek the help of professionals so you don't get into any trouble. As realtors we have come up with a team of highly qualified title agents, lenders, plumbers, contractors, home insurance agents, and city officials to ensure we will get the job done in a timely manner.

Agents are not only well educated on zoning, legal jargon and the real estate process but we also have copious amounts of information on the community such as which schools are rated the best, where the assessments are located, where and when things are going to be built and changing zoning ordinances. You could find this information on your own from a google search but the Intel we have as residents in this city far outweigh any internet article you read. We give you our first hand experience. At Cape Coral Real Estate Group we utilize the honor code. Even if it is going to sway your decision to not purchase a home in Cape Coral, I will still provide you with the most accurate information to ensure you feel good about your purchase. 

As agents we see homes everyday. CCRG is constantly previewing homes in our most popular price ranges so we will know exactly which homes fit your specifications. Pictures are great but some of them are highly deceiving. Knowing first hand what the house actually looks like on the inside, can save you time and money. Seeing what new inventory hits our market on a daily basis also allows us to determine the current health of the real estate market. We will tell you if inventory is low and if you should expect multiple offers as well as how to handle that situation. 

Contracts! This is by far the most scary part of the process. I have seen some really bad situations happen because things were not properly stated in the contract. For example, there was a builder who built a home on the wrong lot because the paperwork contained the wrong address. In this case the builder and his agent are held responsible for this mistake. Agents are trained to check and double check these documents to ensure complete accuracy but that brings me to my next point....

All agents are not trained the same. When we attend real estate school we learn the legal jargon and practices associated with how to complete the transaction but we are not taught how to conduct our normal day to day functions. This is what we learn by self teaching and/or our real estate brokerage. This is why choosing a brokerage matters. Cape Coral Real Estate Group works for RE/MAX Realty Team. This brokerage has been nominated #1 in all of Florida and # 1 in Lee County for the last 7 years. My broker prides herself on in depth training to not only handle any situation but also how to provide the best customer service. 


When should you contact a Realtor?

Clients often contact Realtors after they have exhausted all their research and are ready to purchase. However, you should contact a Realtor as soon as you start searching. Realtors can help with a plethora of things such as tax information, community information, schools, hoa's, gated communities, location specifics. Here in South West Florida, we can also provide information on our waterways, canal depths, proximaty to the open water, identifying which homes are freshwater vs gulf access, assessment areas, and which homes are on city water and sewer. Whether you are a year out or 30 days out from purchasing your home, I would love to speak to you to help you determine if this is the right location for you. I have sent clients to other cities if they were looking for location specifics that didn't match ours. With over 282 cities in Florida, it helps to have someone who knows the location inside and out. 

Over 50% of our buyers come from out of state. We are well equipped to show buyers homes even if they aren't physically present. We are very experienced in the Relocation process. 

How are agents compensated?


Our services are free! The seller of the property you purchase will be the one compensating the Realtors. Most people think that agents will cost them a fortune but that is simply incorrect. I must warn you however, majority of the agencies do charge a transaction fee to whichever side they are representing. These charges can range from $100-400. RE/MAX Realty Team does charge a transaction fee of $100 but Cape Coral Real Estate Group eat's the charge for you. This charge is due at closing and is usually rolled into your closing costs. If the seller is paying closing costs, you can get your services free. With all of the services a realtor offers and the incredibly low price to use one, why wouldn't you? Remember this is usually the biggest purchase someone makes in their lifetime, make the right choice and hire a realtor!

Natasha Hunter