SWFL... You're so Cool 

You may have seen Cape Coral in the news as being one of the best places to live. I am going to show you a few other reasons you should put Cape Coral at the top of your must visit list.

I moved to Cape Coral when I was four. There were 5 main roads and tons of open land. Now it is a vibrant waterfront community making national headlines for being a great community to live in. Cape Coral was founded in 1957 and stretches over 120 sq miles, making this community the third largest city in Florida (behind Jacksonville and Bunnel). 
1. Cape Coral is known as the Waterfront Wonderland of the United States. With over 400 miles of waterways, Cape Coral has more canals than Venice Italy and the most waterways in the United States. We have two types of waterways, freshwater and gulf access. Freshwater canals lead out to several lakes in the area. These canals can be found primarily in the SE, NW, and NE areas. Over 50% of our homes in Cape Coral offer a waterfront view. Gulf Access canals lead out to the river and ultimately out to the Gulf of Mexico. Many of these canals take less than 30 minutes to navigate out to the Gulf. With an average of 355 days of sunshine a year, you can take your boat out practically every day and visit the surrounding beaches such as Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel (Voted # 1 top beach in North America, especially for shell lovers), Captiva, Bonita Beach, Naples and Marco Island.
2. Cape Coral has very low crime rates. Cape Coral is ranked on the violent crime scale as a 13 out of 100. With over 175,000 people in Cape Coral you would expect a higher crime rate. This just goes to show that we are a close knit community. We have high expectations for the residents of Cape Coral and don't stand for violence within our community. We want this to be a place where residents feel safe with their kids walking home from school by themselves. You won't find metal detectors in our schools, just eager teachers.
3. Cape Coral was once ranked as the lighting capital of the world. While this may scare some people, it is one of the most beautiful sites to see. We average 96 thunderstorms a year in Southwest Florida, These lightning storms are beautiful to watch as lightning fills the sky. As long as you stay inside and not on the beach, you will be safe. Grab a class of wine and look out over the water as the sky makes art. 
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4. Cost of housing is lower than most other places in Florida.Majority of people think about moving to Florida at one point in their life but believe the cost of homes will be too high. Here in Cape Coral, you can have a waterfront beauty for as low as $200,000 (lower than majority of Florida). If you're looking for Gulf Access property you should prepare for a home cost in the $250k + range. While most east coast states boast tax rankings in the high 30's and 40's, Florida ranks 27. Cape Coral ranks as one of the top 10 counties with the lowest property tax. Our real estate market is booming and new construction is on the rise. Interested in learning more about our housing? Check out our website. http://www.Capecoralrealestategroup.com
Sunsplash Family Waterpark 
5. We have some pretty neat recreation spots.
Looking for something to do over the weekend. We have you covered. Cape Coral has it's very own water-park, Sunsplash boasts 9 water slides with 2 of them dropping you over 457 ft, a lazy river, and a splash pad for the little ones. It's easy to spend the day soaking up the sun when you have so many activities to do. 

Cape Coral is also home to Mike Greenwells. Looking to spend the day at an arcade, playing mini golf, racing go carts and riding on carnival rides? If so Mike Greenwells is the perfect destination. Kids of all ages can find something to do at Mike Greenwells. There is also a bar/restaurant on site for the adults. Each year Mike Greenwells puts on one of the best haunted hikes around. Be sure to check it out if you like thrills. 

Cape Coral is a place for the nature enthusiast. With over 16 trails and parks, there is something for everyone. Yucca Pen is the largest natural park that we have in the area. It backs right up to some Cape Coral neighborhoods. Rotary park offers a boardwalk through the mangroves that ends up overlooking the gulf. The Four mile ecological preserve is one of the most known parks where you can walk through different ecosystems.Jaycee park sits right on the river and holds many events, such as movies in the park, throughout the year.
6. Farmers Markets!!
Whether its fresh produce or unique crafts you're on the hunt for you have to check out the three farmers markets cape coral has. The Downtown Farmers market is the largest one we have. It is held on Saturdays (October-May), from 8-1:00 pm. From May to September you can check out the farmers market at Cape Harbor. It's open on Saturdays from 8-1:00 pm. And if you're like me, working on the weekends or you can't get yourself out of bed on time the Surfside Sunset Market has a farmers market every Tuesday from 2-7 pm.  Local artists and growers gather around to provide the freshest produce, locally made breads, arts and crafts from Local artists and even tactical gear. Make sure this activity is on your list. 

What is your favorite thing about Cape Coral?

Thats all for today folks. Be sure to check back with us frequently or subscribe to our blog for other favorite activities throughout our beautiful city

Natasha and Shaun are licensed Realtors with RE/MAX Realty Team in the state of Florida. They have a deep admiration for traveling and having one of a kind experiences.They share their experiences so others can see what life in the Sunshine state is really like. Restaurants, Local spots, Parks, and other local activities will be included in each newsletter. As always if you have any questions reach out to Natasha 239.233.5163 or Shaun 239.204.8720. We love to share our knowledge with new combers.